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Create virtual links manually in databases that do not adhere to strict rules.

Automatic Virtual Link creation is a great time saver but, if you have a database that doesn't employ strict naming rules then you can still use Virtual Links, such as in databases of this sort.

Some databases don't use strict rules, requiring the use of manual virtual links.


Set Up Virtual Links

You can set up Virtual Links with any supported relational database, including ValentinaDB.

Use the Manual Virtual Link Creation menu to create Virtual Links. Use the Create... context menu and select Virtual Link...

Set Properties of Virtual LInks

Set the name and properties of the Virtual Link you want to create.

Virtual Links Manual Creation Dialog Set the Name, references and properties of the Virtual Link in the Create Link dialog.

View Manual Virtual Links

Test your new Virtual Links within Valentina Studio PRO.

Manual Virtual Links in the Schema Editor Created manual Virtual Links appear in the Schema Editor.

 Find out more about Virtual Links support in Valentina Studio PRO in the Virtual Links documentation on the Paradigma Software wiki.

5 Virtual Links Maximum

Unlimited Virtual Links