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Is there a way to modify the number of items a ComboBox displays to the user?

For example, the ComboBox "fills" the screen, top to bottom, with items. Would like to see, maybe 16, at a time, and scroll through them.

I looked at Properties and didn't see an option.


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Kevin 承諾済みの回答

A follow-up.

I found this:


So, I went to Valentina Studio Pro's documentation (probably should have started there):

Classes - qt - QComboBox

maxVisibleItems -> Number
This property holds the maximum allowed size on screen of the combo box, measured in items.

I think this is what I want.

So I entered the following in the comboBox's Signals QObject created:

this.comboBox.maxVisibleItems = 2;

But I couldn't get it to work. I also entered it into the main form's Signals QComboBox created.

From the QT documentation link above:

"Note: This property is ignored for non-editable comboboxes in styles that returns true for QStyle::SH_ComboBox_Popup such as the Mac style or the Gtk+ Style."

My combobox was non-editable. Thus, I checked Editable. Now looks like a comboBox (the non-editable ... just a long list one can scroll through). 10 entries.

Re-enter the code and the code is now working in the comboBox's Signals QObject created.

However, it doesn't work in some of my comboboxes, even after I checked Editable.

The comboboxes that don't work contain Aliases based on a query (and Items are also based on a query). Remove the Aliases and it works.

I am on Windows. Not sure if Preferences Appearance Styles impacts the non-editable / editable functionality.


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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答
Hello Kevin,

Thank you, in some cases, we create an additional ComboBox control and it looks like the maxVisibleItems property is not applied to it, most probably a fix in code is required.
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