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Hi... The same issue had occurred with the rpm of 5.7.5-2 ( http://www.valentina-db.com/en/discussions/install-of-5-7-5-2-rpm-fails-on-fedora-21-workstation ) . It was resolved shortly after my report. I hope having this one sorted out as quick :) :

On Ferora 21 Workstation when trying to install vstudio-5.8.0-2.x86_64 version of Studio :

Transaction check error:
file / from install of vstudio-5.8.0-2.x86_64 conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.2-28.fc21.x86_64
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答

again this did happen ...

This time we have fixed build machine, and now uploading fixed archives to FTP.
In about 60 min should be ready
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Konstantinos Togias 承諾済みの回答
Thanks for the quick response. The new RPM is OK and installs fine.
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Jochen Peters 承諾済みの回答
Hello, I got the same problem in a Fedora 22 Workstation with Valentina Studio version 5.8.6-2.x86_64, the message I receive is:

error: file unpackage failed /opt/VStudio/lib/libicudata.so.48; 55d4c94b: cpio: The digest does not match

Please help
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