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Valentina Release 6.6.1 Available; Updated Raspberry PI Support, SQLite, PHP and More

Paradigma Software announces the 6.6.1 update for Valentina Server, Valentina Studio Pro and development tools for SQLite, PHP and developer ADKs. Valentina Release 6.6.1 is a follow up update to Valentina Release 6.6, providing several user requested improvements and hot fixes. It also delivers the improvements of 6.6 to Valentina Server for Raspberry PI.

The updated products are immediately available for download from the Paradigma Software downloads section.

Valentina Server

  • general performance improvements
  • Valentina Server for Raspberry PI ( Debian / ARM 7) updated with 6.6, 6.6.1 improvements

Valentina Server incorporates both the Valentina DB object-relational database and also Valentina SQLite database, as well as the powerful Valentina Reports Server. Valentina Server is an excellent, free database and reporting platform for educators utilizing the Raspberry PI for teaching programming and SQL database principles.

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix] 7761 - sort_fields improvements
  • [Fix] 7763 - Improved consistency in some menu names
  • [Fix] 7765 - Save size of varchar fields while working with diagrams
  • [Fix] 7771 - Working with SQLite database with cyrillic characters in paths (Windows)
  • [Fix] 7772 - Registering Valentina database on Valentina Server if it has an extension
  • [Fix] 7773 - Changing verbosity level from Server Admin for Valentina Server
  • [Fix] 7774 - Creating “vlogs” folder with cyrillic characters in paths (Windows)

Valentina PHP

  • [Fix][Mac] Installer now contains dlls for 5.6 and 7.0 PHP.

Valentina ADKs
[*]general updates corresponding to server and studio improvements
Valentina ADKs are developer products for embedding the Valentina Database engine into your application, or embedding the Valentina Reports engine into your application. If you are currently working with Valentina 6.6, you should immediately update to 6.6.1 to receive ongoing support.
  1. http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=1938
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