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When I try to run my app in Catalina using V9.5.3 and Xojo beta I'm getting this error:

VRBPreparedStatement.Name: This class is missing the SelectSQL method from the interface PreparedSQLStatemtn.

Is this a Valentina error message? And if so what do I do about it?

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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答
Hello Jonathan,

In 9.5.3, we started to add methods of the new Xojo API.
SelectSQL for prepared statements will be added in the nearest versions.

VRBPreparedStatement is a part of Xojo RBDB interface.
If you're not using Valentina RBDB, you can disable it - just put DisableRBDB empty file, without extension, near to Xojo.app file.

You can use the Terminal.app for it:
$ touch "/Applications/Xojo 2019 Release 1.1/DisableRBDB"
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
Just to underline:

- this is not a Catalina issue, this is an issue because of changes in RBDB Interfaces of Xojo 2019.2 beta
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Jonathan Ashwell 承諾済みの回答
Thanks. I'll put DisableRBDB in the Xojo folder.
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