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The Paradigma Software team wishes our friends, clients and colleagues safety and good health during these difficult times.

Perhaps more than many others, those of us in the computer industry are better prepared for distance working. For many of us, hunkering down in front of a computer away from others is not only a regular part of the job but also considered one of the benefits. Not everyone else we know is so well adapted to these conditions.

Once you take care of personal safety issues, what else is there to do, especially if you have kids at home?

I can't think of a better time to learn something new. I personally have been looking at cracking that book on Python again (I believe my O'Reilly Python book is about number 5 or 7 on my to-read stack). There are loads of resources available for Python online, and even more interesting are the solutions Python is actually used for in different vertical markets. One application I have been aware of for some time is its deep penetration of the professional / broadcast industry, special effects and 3D markets. If you were thinking of getting your kids engaged in Python, you should take a look at how it is used to extend Blender, the popular, open source 3D software. While so much 3d software is at its core written in C++, the professional industry has embraced Python for scripting. Likewise, it has also been embraced (among other languages) by the scientific and engineering communities. Check out this aptly named Python for Scientists and Engineers book.

But if Python isn't for you, learn something else. Engage your kids in learning software else. What will you learn or teach your kids?

Best regards and well wishes to you and your families,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software
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