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Help for print a Report on .NET, using query prepared in VStudo

Hello. Here is my objective: I would like to create a project in Valentina Studio with the database and the query already set in the project, then i would like to call the project on my .NET app (VB.NET) and just print de report that i made before...
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Delete linked records with cascade question

Hi, in our VServer database we've several tables that are linked mostly 1:M. Now when we delete a "master" record all connected records get also deleted. After the detail records are deleted it seems the "links" are still intac...
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Asynchronous database inserting and linking

Hi, today I've a question about how to get the last inserted record id of a given sql query in .NET when using .SqlExecute command on a VServer in a asynchronous scenario on different tables. Our scenario: On one db client (.NET) we open a conne...
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