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On this page i found that V4RB_6 can be used in Real Basic

Valentina for Xojo/REALbasic Win Installation
roducts:adk:v4rb:manual:installation:win" >http://www.valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v6/doku.php?id=valentina:products:adk:v4rb:manual:installation:win

I was looking for V4RB_6 in ”/My Documents/Paradigma Software/V4RB_6”, but there is only plugin for XOJO. Is that some mistake, or V4RB_6 is plugin only for XOJO?

On page I posted, I see that you can use it in Real Basic, but I cannot find any .rbx file in folder.

Thank you,
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Aleksander,

we mention REALBasic yet from the times when was change in name to Xojo,

This is not underline that we promise the current builds will work with some old REALBasic builds. Sorry.
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François Van Lerberghe Ответ принят
Unfortunately, I think the latest version running on RB is 5.8
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