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Hi Everybody,

Soon we going to ship our 9.0 release of Valentina dev tools and components. We decided to still do the release with all 32-bit products that exist currently (and also 64 bit versions). But we think it is time to start dropping 32-bit products. What do you think?

1) We think for MAC OS X -- we can drop all: V4RB, V4REV, VSDK

2) Linux?
2.1 Valentina ADKs
2.2 Valentina Studio
2.3 Valentina Server

3) Windows?
3.1 Valentina ADKs
3.2 Valentina Studio
3.3 Valentina Server

If you are using any 32-bit products yet, please let us know in this thread.
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Chris Zakrewsky Ответ принят
I forgot to add that on Linux everything we care about is 64-bit only.
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Chris Zakrewsky Ответ принят
We are currently using C/C++ 32-bit ADK on Windows because our current target platform (a CAD system) is also 32-bit.
In the span of coming 2 years, but no later than by December 2020 we will (we have to!) complete our port to 64-bit CAD successor.

By this milestone we will not need anything 32-bit any longer.

To sum things up: both Studio and VServer we run today are already 64-bit but the ADK on client side will remain 32-bit until the end of 2020.

Hope this helps,
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