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Hi all.

I just installed Valentina Studio (Free) and would like to connect to a MariaDB database. The MariaDB server is running in a VM undewr Debian, and VM is seen from the host (ping works). To connect I select MySQL, Standard TCP/IP, set the IP address and use a USer than can connect remotely. Port is set to 3306.

When I hit Connect I get:

Error(2002) HY000: "Can't connect to MySQLServer on '<ip address>" (10061)

Searching on Internet I discovered that by default MariaDB accepts only connections from local host. I changed bind-address to ans and I still get the same error message.

What am I doing wrong ?


Gilles Plante
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Gilles Plante Ответ принят
Hi Sergey,

everything now works fine. after making the change to the configuration, I forgot to restart the db server:(

I just started using Valentina Studio (Free), looks like a great tool!
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят

Please check that the port is opened in the firewall.

Is Debian installed in the Virtual Machine?

What is the host system? For macOS, I can use the following command to check the port:
nc -vz 3306

For Windows or Linux, I think telnet can be used.
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