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My databases can become very large. Even for a medium sized database like 80 GB the diagnosis is taking very long.

After adding data my app does a diagnosis with a none as detail level:

dim VerboseLevel as Integer
if Fast then
VerboseLevel = EVVerboseLevel.kNone
VerboseLevel = EVVerboseLevel.kVeryHigh
end if

A user complained that my app would hang. I asked him to wait a bit longer. The diagnosis for his 80 GB database took half an hour. This was on the internal SSD and not even an external hard drive.

Half an hour is way too long. There is no progress to be had for the diagnosis. Was the diagnosis faster in earlier versions?
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Trixi,

We did not slow it I think and not touch. Not sure which early version you mean.

Your app starts to diagnose self, or the user needs to choose a menu command?

I think you already discuss with Ivan how to make progress-bar in Xojo.

Diagnose try to learn different dependencies inside of db and check if they correct.
I remember we did it even multi-CPU where possible.

Your db contains a lot of BLOB fields and records.
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Beatrix Willius Ответ принят
Yeah, I have too many blobs. I need to get those out of the database. A progress for the diagnosis would be very welcome.

My app does the diagnosis after adding data and the user can do the diagnosis himself.
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