Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

How i use REST to do INSERT INTO

Dim sqlLocation As Text = App.mSessionURL + "/sql_fast" mSQLSocket.Start( App.mHost, App.mSessionID, sqlLocation, "SQLite", "ipadcrnew.db", " Insert into main(socionum,name,last_name,cell,address) value ( '2'...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

What's New in Omegabundle for Xojo 2019

Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 is now available and includes the best third party add-ons, extensions and more for Xojo. Many of the products this year, in addition to supporting the 'regular' desktops also support Raspbian. Get some feedback here on what...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 Developer Tools Bundle Announced

Get the top developer tools and third party components for the Xojo cross-platform development platform at a huge savings. Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 is a collection of the most useful tool sets, add-ons, digital books and components for use with X...
kiryl hakhovich Опубликовано в:

valentina 9.3.1 and diagrams

hey guys, may be you can help me out. on my MacBook pro retina display it's a bit hard to work with diagrams. here is a link to a video ( that shows dialog somewhere way off during creation of the links for tables. a...
Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

XOJO 2019 r1,1

I install on Mac the last version of Valentina ADK reports but it no recognize when opening my projects Valentina.InitReports <<< no recognize any valentina class from plug-in...
Sergey Dashko Опубликовано в:

No possibility to connect to postgres without password?

I'm connect to my server over ssh and my server configured with trusted authentication from localhost. With Valentina Studio I can't connect to server. If I don't specify password I got error as in the attachment....
B M Опубликовано в:

Valentina Studio Pro and Oracle

This is just a question. Will you ever, or is it even possible, to provide support to connect to Oracle (not through ODBC)? Thanks....
Mauricio Pulla Опубликовано в:

It is possible to have page numbers per group

It is possible to have page numbers per group Example Group Number page A 1 A 2 ... B 1 B 2 .... I have valentia server 6.0 on linux Regards Mauricio...
Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

Invalid key on raspberry pi 3 B+

I make new key today and copy to lic folder and reboot and no works pi@raspberrypi:/opt/VServer/vlogs $ sudo cat vserver_20190705_112415.log 2019-07-05 11:24:15.855042 (TID 1996029312): Database engine inited 2019-07-05 11:24:15.859765 (TID 1996...
Mauricio Pulla Опубликовано в:

Error in report with groups.

Hi. I have a report, which has a group_id group defined. Layout, regions, Page Header and Page Footter. In Page Header is empty. Group Header I have fields and labels (new_page, on_each_page, print, print_if_empty, keep_body_together on true) ...
Gilles Plante Опубликовано в:

Connecting to a MariaDB server issue

Hi all. I just installed Valentina Studio (Free) and would like to connect to a MariaDB database. The MariaDB server is running in a VM undewr Debian, and VM is seen from the host (ping works). To connect I select MySQL, Standard TCP/IP, set the I...
Christian Breu Опубликовано в:


I am not sure anymore. I thought to import records from a text file I can do anything like... SELECT table.column AS textfilecolumn to map the columns of my textfile to the columns of my table. But seems I missunderstood anything. How is it offi...
Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

XCODE swift code and sync with my rapberry PI 3 B+

Hi i need to made one app for iPad but i need to sync with my local mini server with valentina sqlite server. can this works or no thanks...
Jonathan Ashwell Опубликовано в:

Valentina and problems with anti-virus software on macOS

A lot of my users run anti-virus software (usually because they're at institutions that require it) and have reported problems. I've installed AVS, too, and see that often there's a -47 error (file is busy) exception when when a Valentina database is...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Happy Independence Day 2019, America!

The team at Paradigma Software (spread across four different countries) wish America a Happy Independence Day!...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina Release 9.3.1 Improves Studio, working with MS SQL Server, Valentina for Xojo

Valentina Release 9.3.1 is an update including fixes across multiple products including Valentina Studio / Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina for Xojo ADKs working with SQLite, and Valentina DB. Valentina Studio Valentina Studio is the free, all pur...
Shanon Hart Опубликовано в:

Visual Editor

I'm confused on how to work with the visual query editor. If I choose to "save" a query that i've built where does it get saved? It doesn't seem that I can edit the name of it ( I can edit the tab name, but not the saved query name), and ca...
Ray Gray Опубликовано в:

VS project is not saved (VS 9.3)

Hi, I'm evaluating VS (v. 9.3) and it looks promising. However, whenever I try to load a saved project, nothing is loaded - there are no db connections, no forms... And the 'Create...' button (with dropdown menu) is missing too. Any thoughts? R...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina Release 9.3 Improves SQL Editor, ADKs and Server Query Speed

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 9.3 with improvements across all reporting, database and forms products. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina S...

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