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Findomo Опубликовано в:

Valentina Project file not found with xojo 2019 release 3

Hi, I am migrating an application from xojo 2019 R2 to xojo 2019 R3 on windows 10 With version 2019 r2 all reports worked fine. We tested all in a preproduction environment With xojo version 2019 r3 and Reports ADK as of january 2020 I get (for al...
Jay Madren Опубликовано в:

Write two reports to a single PDF

I am trying to create a multipage PDF from two reports in Xojo. I am using a BinaryStream with VReport.PrintToBuffer(). The problem is that the second report overwrites the first one. For example, if I do something like this: bs = BinaryStream.Cre...
Tobias Gronbach Опубликовано в:

deleted links are automatically restored

Hello, i'm new in Valentina Studio and make my first steps in this environment. I really like the UI. But i have a really strang issue. Everything is working fine except the deletion of Links. When I want to delete a Link I'm asked if I'm really s...
Scott Опубликовано в:

Related Table Child Record Entry Issue

In VStudio Data Editor, I open a parent table. Then I click on the Show Related Table icon next to the Layout dropdown and the related (child) table shows below. With the parent table selected above, I add a child record in the related table area...
Scott Опубликовано в:

VServer 9.8 Windows x64 Installation Error

I just tried to update my Windows x64 VServers and the installation could not complete because it could not find the file: vcruntime140_1.dll I have never seen this .dll file with a _1 in the name before. I renamed the existing vcruntime140.dl...
Helge Tjelta Опубликовано в:

Binding SQL injection and using % in the WHERE

Hi, I'm finally moving over to binding, and so far so good. But how do I get the % to work... I have F1 LIKE '%"+textinput+"%' and F1 LIKE :1 and also F1 ILIKE :1 works... But how do I use % with values ? F1 LIKE '%':1 d...
Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

Hi i have problems with sqlite db on xojo iOS

Hi I have one DB sqlite with 5 tables and in Xojo 2019r2 it see only one table. if i run this SELECT name AS table_name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type ='table' AND name NOT LIKE 'sqlite_%'; show one table in the iOS app. any idea...
Dale Опубликовано в:

Valentina Studio Pro 8.3.3 crashing

Valentina Studio Pro 8.3.3 report keeps on crashing. Here's the story: 1. In the query I called a stored procedure and tested it (pic 1). 2. Designed a report and preview it (pic 2). So far so good. 3. Now, I disable any calls from the query (p...
Beatrix Willius Опубликовано в:

Missing manifest using VServer Docker

Why do I get an error when trying to download a Docker container for VServer: Trixis-iMac:~ beatrix_willius$ docker pull paradigmasoft/valentina-server Using default tag: latest Error response from daemon: manifest for paradigmasoft/valentina-se...
Richard Albrecht Опубликовано в:

Symbolic Links

I have a question. I'm trying to deploy to Xojo cloud an app that uses the adk. In the current server the Libs Directory has 4 symbolic links that point to like named files, like: libvclient_release_x86.so.751 has a symbolic link libvclient_releas...
Adam Garson Опубликовано в:

How to determine odd numbered records

I have a report that prints two records per page (top half and bottom half). I want to print a label so that it only shows on the top of the page (not in the header). In other words, it will only print on the odd numbered record (1, 3, etc). I tri...
Richard Albrecht Опубликовано в:

ADK says Report Missing in project, it isn't!

I have a project that has a report named in it, but when I run My xojo app it says that report is not in that project. What's weird is it worked fine, then I made a small change to the reports and now it can't find it. If I open it in studio it's the...
Sergio Ciordia Опубликовано в:

Report for a Thermal Receipt Printer

Hi Everybody, I would like to use Valentina Reports to print a ticket in an Epson TM20-II Thermal Receipt Printer. This printer uses 80mm Thermal receipts paper rolls. Would it be possible to create a report or ticket with my product list in Valen...
Steve Albin Опубликовано в:

Windows installation fails - Internal error: failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs"

I'm trying to run the Windows installer for Xojo ADK but I'm getting an error as described in the subject. I'm using the defaults for all options in the installer. This is on Windows 10. I've attached a screen shot of the installer error. What ...
Jay Madren Опубликовано в:

How exactly is print_if_empty supposed to work?

I have never been able to get this setting to work. If I uncheck print_if_empty on any field then it never prints anything for that field. I have to leave it checked on to print the values of that field....
Mauricio Pulla Опубликовано в:

611/5000 Xojo 2019 r1 and Valentina 9.3.2 blank reports

Xojo 2019 r1 and Valentina 9.3.2 blank reports I did a migration of Valentina report 6 to 9.3.2, you can see the reports from Valentina Studio (they have problems with the fields when they have can_grow, I am waiting for an arrangement), but when ...
Richard Albrecht Опубликовано в:

Simple Name / Invoice numbers report

I have a data set that contains multiple records where name field is same, however there are invoice numbers that are different, so Name1 may have 3 records, but 3 different invoice numbers. Then Name2 has 2 Invoice numbers on so on. Name1 Inv...
Mauricio Pulla Опубликовано в:

Migration for valentina 6.3 to Valentina 9.3.1 64-bit

Hello I have valentina server 6.3 on ubuntu 16 and Postgresql 9.6 working. Now I have valentina 9.3.1 64-bit and Postgreql 11.4 64-bits in a virtual machine to do tests. I want to copy my projects from valentina 6.3 to valentina 9.3.1 in thi...
Christian Breu Опубликовано в:

Urgent – another issue on the VServer database

My customer is facing another error. Diagnose the table returns this: ==========> Field: customerLogo , type Picture First Segment 846228 of record with RecID = 1 is bigger of the last segment 846227 Problems found! ( Field: customerL...
Tom Carr Опубликовано в:

Hide related tables

Every single time I open a table that has foreign keys, the related tables open up as well. Even after hiding it, it pops again every tiem. I don't think it should be enabled by default: * It takes up half of the screen real-estate * The title ...
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