Valentina 4.8 Expands Valentina Technology to SQLite, Linux and Apple Development Tools

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina 4.8, the most advanced cross platform columnar database system. This release includes multiple cross platform advances, including greater native support for Apple Cocoa development, Valentina Studio support for SQLite databases and enhancements to Valentina Reports. Valentina 4.8 also includes preview releases of Valentina Studio for Linux, and the soon available iValentina free database clients for iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Valentina for Cocoa 4.8 provides enhancements and new features including an Interface Building plugin for codeless drag creation of database systems within Apple XCode, Key Value Coding, Valentina class support for garbage collection and Enumerator Objects and methods.

Valentina Studio is Paradigma Software’s visual database development tool, for database design, administration and visual report building – both for local databases as well as remote servers. Previously exclusive to Valentina DB format only, Valentina Studio now allows SQLite users to administrate, query and run visual reports with the popular public domain SQLite database engine. SQLite support is currently available in the no-risk, free to use Valentina Studio Pro on Windows and Mac OS X. Valentina Studio Pro also allows easy conversion from SQLite databases to native Valentina DB format.

Valentina technology is about fast, business enhancing results; SQLite support is our first non-native database, which means more developers can use our powerful design diagramming, visual sql builder, analysis and reporting tools without committing to the Valentina DB data store

- Lynn Fredricks, President of Paradigma Software.

Valentina Studio for Linux is also announced in a preview version. iValentina for iOS, with specific versions for iPhone and iPad are awaiting approval in the Apple App Store.

Valentina DB is a powerful, columnar database technology that is hours to minutes, minutes to seconds faster than competing relational databases. Valentina Reports is a component that enables rich, visual business reports, for local databases or generated from a server. Developer solutions begin at $199.

Valentina Office Server combines both in an ultra fast, business ready server solution on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and includes Valentina Studio Pro for database creation, reports design and analysis. Valentina Office Server begins at $299.99, with an unlimited version at $1,499.99, making it one of the least expensive commercial database servers available.