Reporting for Python

Drag-and-drop visual, scriptable report objects in pixel perfect layouts

Valentina Reports Objects Library

Valentina Reports can include a combination of any of a long list of objects that offer flexibility and control over how your reports present and format your data.

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Field Objects

  • Field Object

Simple Objects

  • Ellipse Object
  • Label Object
  • Line Object
  • Rectangle Object
  • Shape Object
  • Page Break Object

DataSet Objects

  • BarCode Object
  • Chart Object
  • HTML Object
  • Picture Object
  • SubReport Object
  • Table Object

Text Objects

  • Expression Object
  • Summary Object
  • Date Object
  • Time Object
  • DateTime Object
  • Page Number Object
  • Total Pages Object
  • Record Number Object
  • Total Records Object

Reports Objects Scripting with JavaScript

All Valentina Report Objects support pre- and post- properties for scripting programmatic behaviors using JavaScript, including JavaScript expressions. Expressions are more powerful and flexible, allowing the user to use JavaScript functions (built-in or user-defined), properties and methods of the report object, data from fields, parameters and more.

Editing JS code for report objects within Valentina Studio Pro

Scripting Reports with Python

If JavaScript isn't your language of choice, you can also leverage Valentina Reports support for Python scripting.

Scripting Valentina Reports with Python