Reporting for Python

Serve reports, charts, graphs, barcodes, export to PDF, HTML, email for major databases and servers.

Introducing Valentina Reports Server

Valentina Reports ServerValentina Reports Server is the fast, easy, cost-effective and secure way to share data visually with your groups.

Serve your visually stunning reports through a web browser, directly in an application or as a rich PDF file that can be served off the server or directly emailed to your customers.

Your customers can even view your report right within Valentina Studio, the free tool from Paradigma Software.

Valentina Reports Server is one of three servers built into Valentina Server.


Design Reports Visually


Valentina Studio Pro Report Editor
Valentina Studio Pro Report Editor lets you build your reports visually by linking queries to visual elements. You have access to all the visual elements you expect.

The free version of Valentina Studio allows your users to view reports with Report Viewer. To design reports visually, you need the full version of Valentina Studio Pro.



Generate & Print Reports as Pages, Pictures PDFs

Valentina Reports Server connects your data sources to your report templates and generates reports exactly how you need them - as HTML, Graphics and XML enriched PDFs.

Print your reports by sending them to a local or network connected printer (some parameters vary depending on operating system).

Valentina Reports Server Export Formats

Deploy Reports Everywhere

REST API and Export as HTML means reports in your website and in your apps. Integrated Email Server allows programmatic emailing of reports. Print reports directly from any printer attached to the hardware hosting Valentina Server.
Web or App Based Reports Email Reports from Valentina Report Server Print Reports from Printer Attached to Server

Multiple Data Source Management

Valentina SQLite Server

Valentina Reports Server works with the databases you already work with. Your data sources don't even have to be located on the same server hardware.

MySQL 5.0.6 or higher Valentina DB (Local)
PostgreSQL 8.2.10 or higher Valentina DB (Integrated) Server
SQLite 3 or higher Valentina SQLite (Integrated)Server
MS SQL 2000 or higher  

Use Valentina Reports Server with the integrated database servers for even greater speed and efficiency.

Application and Web APIs

Valentina Reports Server uses the Paradigma vCLIENT system so you can create solutions with every combination of development language and operating system.

Representational State Transfer (REST) is also available for generating reports.

Valentina API & Clients
C x86 WIN 32 | WIN 64 / LIN 32 | LIN 64 DIRECTOR x86 WIN 32 / MAC 32
C++  x86 WIN 32 | WIN 64 / MAC 64 LIVECODE x86 WIN 32 / MAC 32 / LIN 32
C++  ARM LIN 32 | x86 LIN 32 | x86 LIN 64 XOJO x86 WIN 32 / MAC 32/64
COM x86 WIN XOJO ARM LIN 32 | x86 LIN 64
JAVA x86 WIN 32 | WIN 64 / MAC 64 ODBC x86 WIN 32 / MAC 32 / LIN 32 | LIN 64
JAVA ARM LIN 32 | x86 LIN 32 | x86 LIN 64 RUBY & RAILS x86  MAC 32 / LIN 32 | LIN 64
.NET x86 WIN 32 | WIN 64 PHP  x86 WIN 32 / LIN  32 | LIN 64 / MAC 64
Objective C  x86 MAC 64 PHP ARM LIN 32 | x86 LIN 64