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Blazingly fast object-relational database server based on the Valentina DB core model.

The product of almost two decades of advanced development and research, Valentina DB has a number of unique advantages. Read the Valentina Database Key Features articles to learn more.

Introducing Valentina DB Server

Valentina DBValentina DB Server is a powerful database server based on Valentina DB core database technology.

Valentina DB is an advanced, object-relational database system that provides significant performance and operational advantages over traditional database models. Valentina 1.x was first released in the late 1990s as a programming library to enable blazingly fast data-driven applications.

In addition to the blazing speed in executing complex queries, a major advantage of Valentina DB is that you can use several different data models.

  • You can develop data driven solutions using industry standard SQL as you would in working with any relational database. This makes it possible to easily port data solutions to Valentina DB.
  • You can also use native Valentina CLIENT drivers for interacting with Valentina DB from your application framework.
  • You can also develop solutions using the high level Valentina DB API, which allows you to accomplish much more and write far less, but more readable code.

Valentina DB had a NoSQL database implementation before the term NoSQL was coined.

Valentina DB Server is one of three servers in Valentina Server.