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Beatrix Willius Опубликовано в:

Support for Xojo DateTime?

Hey guys, are there any news about support for the not-really-new anymore DateTime class in Xojo? http://www.valentina-db.com/bt/view.php?id=8658...
Mike Davis Опубликовано в:

10.5.5 Mac 64 bit issue

I upgraded to 10.5.5 on my Mac and it spun would not connect to a DB, had to reload 10.5.4 and working again. Anyone else have issues with 10.5.5...
Roberto Morales Опубликовано в:

Load Mapping... in Import Wizard unavailable in my paid Single version

I just purchased studio single and i tried the Load Mapping... in the Import Wizard. it fails saying that this feature is available in Pro, Universal, and Single editions. is there anyway to make this feature available in my Single version? thanks...
PBI Опубликовано в:

items in the Page Footer of first page ,are not printed

I have a report with the following regions: Page Header, Column Header, Page Body, Page Footer, Report Footer. A label is inserted in the Page Footer, this label is printed on all pages except the first. why ? Thank you....
PBI Опубликовано в:

field of the grouping

Is it possible to dynamically change the field of the grouping ?...
F H Опубликовано в:

Connect to Sqlite DB Server with Python

I'm devolping a mall tool in python which uses several sqlitedatabases for storing the data. At the moment the tool ist importing regular during the night data into the database, so that I can use the data during the day. The Problem is, that my data...
F H Опубликовано в:

Problems with running SQLite DB Server on Raspi 4 (unable to open database file)

Hello, I'm devolping a mall tool in python which uses several sqlitedatabases for storing the data. At the moment the tool ist importing regular during the night data into the database, so that I can use the data during the day. The Problem is, th...
Shawn Kanyer Опубликовано в:

Slow Downs and CPU Spikes

After this last update, I am seeing large slow downs while trying to open a Postgres database. When expanding the public folder, I've seen it lock up my pc for a few minutes and the studio become unresponsive. And I've also seen it expand showing m...
Kevin Опубликовано в:

unable to add table in Query Editor

Unable to add a table in Query Editor. I click and drag. I see the table icon with the plus sign during the click and drag, but the table is not added. Occurs on new and existing queries. Occurs when opening the Query Editor via context menu an...
PBI Опубликовано в:

Text too big

Is it possible to display a database field that is too big, on two or more lines?...
Stan Busk Опубликовано в:

Corrupt database and slow loading

A customer sent me a Valentina database that seems corrupt. It is very slow to load but I can finally do it with the software that created it. However, Valentina Studio says it is not a valid database. Where can I sent that database so it can be c...
Stan Busk Опубликовано в:

install_vcomponents_v4rb_v7 no longer works because of file name change

I downloaded and installed the latest ADK for Xojo, 10.4.18. I am still using install_vcomponents_v4rb_v7 for deployment but now I get this error: cp: /usr/local/lib/vcomponents_x64/libv8_64.dylib: No such file or directory I then went here: h...
Roger Опубликовано в:

Lost Font

Hello My project is a single project file, the font in the report is Frutiger, a TTF font legal buyed by Linotype. I print a pdf with Xojo, and report ADK the report an all are happy. All is perfect (see in the hardcopy). Now I copy this proje...
Roger Опубликовано в:

case sensitive select

Hello I try to select caseinsensitve. (Enter hello and find Hello) I used Call db.SqlExecute("SET PROPERTY IdentsCaseSensitive OF DATABASE TO True" And I see the change in the database properties. I tried to set False too. (restartet t...
Roger Опубликовано в:

Valentina Constants are unknow

I hope my last question in this week Constans like kServerSideCursor, kReadWrite are unknow. In the help I cannot see where I need to serach them. Xojo ADK 10.4.18 on Windows 64 Regards Roger...
Roger Опубликовано в:

Valentnina correct way for sql select with parameter

Hello I try a simple select with a parameter like a preparedStatemanet like this with the result in a vCursor. stmt = db.CreateSqlStatement( "Select ** FROM myTable WHERE RecID = :1" ) stmt.Bind_UInt32(0, aRecIDVariable) VSqlStatement is ...
Roger Опубликовано в:

vSet, vTable, Fields

Hello I Try the API_way with Xojo. From your help "Many API methods of Valentina DB return such set, e.g. VField.FindValue() or VTable. Table.SelectAllRecords()." Now I have my sortet vSet but I can only grab the fields from the tabl...
Beatrix Willius Опубликовано в:

Databases with dot in name

One of my users had the idea to make a server database with a dot in the name. That doesn't seem to be a good idea. Valentina Studio shows the database with a red icon. The example ValentinaServerUtility shows the name as "mail.vdb" and ...
Shawn Kanyer Опубликовано в:

GUI Query Editor Table Sort

Can you please sort the list of tables as seen in the GUI query editor? Thanks!...
Beatrix Willius Опубликовано в:

Open VSQLiteDatabase

Continuing the discussion from https://www.valentina-db.com/de/discussions/7458-transactions-committing-to-vsqlite . I found my problem and - yes - I was totally stupid. Ahem, I had assumed that CreateDatabaseFileEx() simply opens a database if it...
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