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Bug fix Release 6.3.4 is ready for use.

Mostly changes in Valentina Studio.

The most noticeable - for MySQL now is used approximated record count for tables with records > 1000. In the nearest days we will add support of this to postgreSQL and MS SQL.

Problem is that these DBs have very slow counting or table.RecordCount property for big tables. As users have report - up to minutes if tables have GB size...

Valentina Studio

[Imp][Data Editor] - for mySQL now is used approximated record count for tables with recs count > 1000. MySQL have problem os very slow counting of recIDs for big tables (up to minutes).
[Imp] - Notification window now stay on screen if you resize main window

[Fix] 7508 - Delete All Records… Menu option broken on PostgreSQL when working with non-public schema
[Fix] 7539 - Dialog Create View - SQL preview tab is empty
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