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The Paradigma Software website is a popular site. We literally get hundreds of requests (sometimes thousands on busy days) every day for free licenses for Valentina Studio - both through the site and also through the application itself. This attracts a lot of unwanted attention too, including brute force attacks against logins and other attempts to circumvent the security of the website.

For this reason, if your login fails several times in a short period, you may be temporarily blocked from the website. Because of the extent of potential vulnerabilities, this is a complete lock out, but temporary. If you come back in a few hours, you will have access again. The amount of time needed may be variable depending on if we are seeing a lot of bad traffic.

If you find yourself blocked and you need access sooner than a few hours, there are a few options:

  • You can message us on Facebook. Not ideal as it depends on when the Facebook page is checked next.
  • You can send us a direct email message. It isn't hard to find a staff email address. If you already purchased, you already have an email address.
  • You can call us by telephone. We are available during USA business hours, though often someone is in the office outside of those hours

Make sure you include your IP address and user name when you contact us.

In rare circumstances, access may not return. That happens if you've done something that appears like a hack other than a lot of fake log ins.
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