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Hi Valentina Developers,

We have prepared a new Valentina Release, just missing our goal of releasing on the 4th of July. This is hotfix release 6.5.8.

It is light on actual new features but primarily a fix - very specifically for Valentina Studio on Rentina displays.

Other fixes are related to Valentina Kernel , Valentina for Xojo and the Valentina C SDK.

Valentina Studio

[Fix] 7696 Some improvements in SQL Query Editor for retina display. Still some glitches present because of reported QT bug.

Valentina Kernel

[Fix] 7645 Dump script for sequence does not restore the current value.

Valentina for Xojo

[Imp] 7575 More info for “Valentina plugin have got string with UNDEFINED encoding”.

Valentina C SDK

[Fix] 7710 VConnection class needs SQL methods: SqlQuery(), SqlSelect(), SqlExecute().
[Fix] 7714 Bind_Value processed incorrectly by Database_SqlSelect().

If you haven't updated since 6.5.0, you are missing out on a lot of fixes and improvements.

Link to Release Notes
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