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Some days ago, Lynn Fredricks wrote in the discussions "Valentina Release 10.4.6..."
ValentinaDB Database

  • [Fix] non-indexed search in very old db with Big Endian could give wrong results as a result of optimization

I asked there, but didn't get any answer. Let me repost my 2 questions :
1) Can I use ADK for Xojo 10.4.6 (app compiled with) to call VServer 10.3 ?
2) If yes, do I benefit of this fix using ADK for Xojo 10.4.6 or have I to use VServer 10.4.6 too ?
And I have the same questions with the new release 10.4.10 about ValentinaDB Database improvement/fix.
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello François,

1) Yes, usually you can use a new client with an older server).
2) It is necessary to install VServer 10.4.6.

Yes, for fixes in 10.4.10 (or any improvement or fix made to the Valentina DB engine) it is necessary to update the server.
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François Van Lerberghe Ответ принят
Valuable information ! Thank you.
Have a nice day.
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