Alina Sergeeva Опубликовано в:

don't connect to my database

Hello, can you help me please? When I try to connect with my base (open with another device), I see this status with another symbols 'critical error', I don't undarstand the problem. What is it? Thank you!...
Ivan Опубликовано в:

Valentina studio open_connection - 2x

Hi developers ... firstful thank you for your very good work I am trying MySql Workbench, Navicat etc. time to time ... and quick come back to Valentina! So ... short question I am using bash skript with commands vstudio.exe -open_connection ...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina 11.2.7 Improves MS SQL Server tools, Valentina Forms, PHP Support

Also includes performance improvements to the ValentinaDB high performance object-relational database. Valentina Release 11.2.6 was almost entirely small fixes so was unannounced but released. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Studi...
B M Опубликовано в:

Valentina Studio Pro and Oracle

This is just a question. Will you ever, or is it even possible, to provide support to connect to Oracle (not through ODBC)? Thanks....
IsleofGough Опубликовано в:

IOS version of Valentina Studio Pro

Is there an IOS version of Valentina Studio? I bought the pro version which works great on OSX, but the link to an IOS version appears to be broken....
Jonathan Ashwell Опубликовано в:

VBinary vs. VBlob

I need to add a binary field to an existing database. It will typically hold 3-4 kB of data per record. I can't decide which to use, VBinary or VBlob. Which do you think would be more efficient, i.e. size?...
IsleofGough Опубликовано в:

How to get started with Forms and Reports

I just purchased Valentina Studio Pro for Mac. As with the free version, I can access my PostgreSQL database (which is on a web server) without difficulty, but I do not see how to create forms and reports. Is there a video or site that explains the p...
Roger Опубликовано в:

Export a lot of jpg from Valentina db

Hello Is it possible to export a selected lot of pictures (saved in picture fields in Valentina db) with Studio? The Excel Export from all not helps because the images are very, very small in the table and as i see I cannot select the range. Fo...
Scott Опубликовано в:

VPHP 8.X Support Linux (Debian)

I downloaded the latest VPHP for Linux (Debian) and noticed there wasn't a module for php 8.x. Is this planned? I just picked up a new client who runs Ubuntu 20.04 servers and needs the PHP support . Scott...
Beatrix Willius Опубликовано в:

Changing server properties

When changing properties of the server like port a restart of the server was required. This affected all properties except email and name as far as I remember. I'm now finding that this no longer the case. Other properties can be changed, too. Usi...
Camila Vernalha Опубликовано в:

Help - SQL result as a scientific notation

Hello, I am using Valentina Studio to consult a SQL DB. When using a select function I have the result on scientific notation, as the image attached. How do I change this settings to see the number as it was saved on the DB, as a numeric ...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina 11.2.5 Improves MS SQL Server tools, ValentinaDB, Xojo Deployment

Other improvements to the Valentina Studio family of database tools, and handling very large data stores in ValentinaDB. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Val...
Thomas Goldbach Опубликовано в:

Connect via SocketFile

Hello @All, the Server Host, DomainFactory, use this syntax ssh -TNL 5001:/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock IhrSSHUser@IhreDomain.tld for the connection via terminal. How i enter the Path to the Socket File in the Valentina Studio Pro Connection W...
Scott Опубликовано в:

VPHP Error

I upgraded our development Windows Server 2019 machine to PHP 8.0.3 and installed the latest VPHP NTS_x64 ADK. Set all the Fast_CGI settings for this build in IIS. The only way to display records from the valentina_query is to use the valentina...
Jak Woj Опубликовано в:

using aliases in SQL Server, Valentina Pro Studio for Mac

Hello, I’ve encoutnered a problem while using Valentina-DB. Context: MS SQL Server – T-SQL Let’s go with something simple: In SSMS I can use aliases as columns i.e. in “JOIN” statements, example: select pp.PersonType, pbe.ModifiedD...
Roddney Colman Опубликовано в:

xojo webapp print direct to the printer

In xojo web app how can print directly to user local printer without preview...
Scott Опубликовано в:

Excessive lag in VStudio

If I do any database operation, such as create a table and then a few fields, when I click ok - the button will go to disabled state and then it will hang for 3-4 seconds before the operation completes and the create table window is dismissed. Thi...
Jonathan Ashwell Опубликовано в:

Best way to escape text for RegEx search

I've been using Valentina.EscapeString() for Regex searches, but the searches fail if they have characters like (, ), or ? I see these characters aren't being escaped properly to \( \) \? I can add the \ myself and now the Regex searches work...
Jonathan Ashwell Опубликовано в:

Build script for V4RB

I’m using the old build script install_vcomponents_v4rb_v7 and am running into some problems. Is there a newer version I missed? And I see that install_vreports just declared but not used in the script?...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina 11.2.4 Adds Conditional Report Formatting, Studio Editor Improvements

Improvements across several product lines, including Valentina Studio, Valentina Reports (and Valentina Reports Server), ValentinaDB database and more. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database manage...

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