• Valentina Developer Network

    Deploy unlimited copies of Valentina Server to your customers as a part of your solution - royalty free.
  • Unlimited Capacity Server

    Deploy Valentina Server Unlimited to your customers for a fraction of the full price of Valentina Server
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Valentina Developer Network lets you bundle an OEM version of Valentina Server, the combination Reports Server and Database Server with your applications. Bundle as many copies as you require, without additional payment.

See a list of Valentina Developer Network key features...

What is Included with VDN Valentina Server

VDN Valentina Server has all of the same features as the standalone Valentina Server.

Reports Server for Developers

Valentina Reports Server serves highly formatted, visual reports using data sources such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or built in SQLite Database Server and Valentina Database Servers.

Forms Server for Developers

Valentina Projects registered on Valentina Server can serve Valentina Forms to users of the free Valentina Studio. Deliver interactive, JavaScript powered forms to your clients and customers.

Database Server for Developers

Valentina Server includes two database servers: the ultra-fast, columnar Valentina Database Server and Paradigma Software's business ready SQLite Database Server.


Developers with active updates can also purchase copies of single deployment Valentina Server Unlimited for their customers for only $399.50 per unit (regularly $1499.99).

How Valentina Developer Network Works

  1. Select a capacity of the VDN license of Valentina Server based on unnamed, simultaneous connections
  2. Receive a special developer Server License File for your solutions for that capacity. Works on all supported operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux (x86) and Raspbian (RaspberryPI ARM 7)
  3. Bundle the Server File so when your customer starts your application, Valentina Server initializes
  4. Install upgrades to your software for the next 12 months to provide new Valentina Server features to your customers

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), VARs (Value Added Resellers) and other distributors of client-server, server only and web applications choose Valentina Server as the defacto standard for combined cross-platform reports and database services.

ISVs, OEMs, and VARs can bundle Valentina Server with their applications, client-server and server only solutions with Valentina Developer Network.

You can include all the powerful components of Valentina Server with every copy of your solution:

  • Valentina Reports Server for serving up highly formatted reports from many data sources as html, images, XML enriched PDFs and more
  • Valentina Database Server, the ultra-fast object relational SQL columnar database system
  • Valentina SQLite Server, a mature, standards based database server based on SQLite

Valentina Developer Network Key Benefits

  • Distribute as many copies of the VDN Server as you want without any additional royalty
  • Free updates for 12 months after your license VDN
  • Keep distributing your solution even if you let your subscription expire after 12 months
  • Valentina Server available for Linux (32 / 64 bit), Windows (32 / 64 bit) and Mac OS X (64 bit)
  • 30+ Valentina API Libraries to your VDN Server, .net, iOS, Java, Objective-C, Ruby on Rails and more
  • Free, unlimited email Direct Level 1 Technical Support
  • Priority Feature Request & Bug Report Escalation
  • Win XP SP3+; Win Vista SP2+;
    Win 7 SP1+; Windows 8; Windows 10
  • HD 20 MB+; RAM 50 MB
  • Ubuntu 10.0.4 +, Centos 5.0+,
    Debian oldstable+, Fedora 10+, openSuse 11+ RHEL 5+
  • Raspbian (Debian on ARM7) for Raspberry PI
  • HD 20 MB+; RAM 50 MB

glibc >= 2.7; libstdc++6 >= 4.2.4

Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X 10.7+; INTEL
  • HD 20 MB+; RAM 50 MB

Technical specifications on this page do not include requirements for any other components or drivers that require installation within another product. For example, the latest version of PHP has a separate RAM and HD footprint than Valentina Server.

The amount of RAM you have available for databases will directly affect performance of large, in-memory databases.