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Adobe Director users were finally served a bitter pill earlier in 2017 that Adobe Director is now officially and 'end of life' product.

With few exceptions, the third party tool market for supporting Adobe Director has been drying up for many years, though perhaps a few notable individuals in the Director community have helped find alternative solutions. We've been supporting Adobe Director long before it belonged to Adobe. The longer story you can read on our blog. The short story is that while we cannot keep upgrading Valentina DB ADK for Director and Valentina Reports ADK for Director (if this were somehow able to fund itself, we'd be open to it), we can make them licensed but without financial cost. That's better than just 'end-of-life'-ing them, and gives Director users some good tools that can then be used to transition to new development platforms.

To get the free licenses, go to our store, select Valentina DB ADK or Valentina Reports ADK, select Director and finally, select NEW (the 'RENEW' options are no longer in the store).
  1. http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=2168
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