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Gyula Szabo Опубликовано в:

V. Studio Pro 6.51. Kernel error: 0x82000. Cannot establish VC_Connection with remote server. Make sure the server address and port numbers are correct.

Valentina Studio Pro 6.5 and 6.51 Cannot connect to remote Vserver. Vserver64 version 6.51 OS: Windows Pro 7 Valentina Studio Pro 5. , 6.4 , 6.41 connect widthout any error message. Any help would be appreciated....
François Van Lerberghe Опубликовано в:

Update sql command and read-write locked record

Hello, I realize I can update a record with an UPDATE sql command while another user has set a read and write lock on this record in a VCursor. Is it really the intended behavior ? Is the UPDATE sql command a "NoLock" command ?...
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